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Our History...

The heritage of Designease goes back over 100 years to Messrs Copeland and Chatterson in Toronto, Canada who patented a paper based mechanical accounting system in the 1890’s. In 1908 they brought their system to the UK and The Copeland Chatterson Company was formed.

This developed into a separate operation focusing on printed systems for the major Banks.

In the mid 1920's Burroughs Business systems introduced advanced systems (for the time) which were very successful with the major clearing Banks and Copeland Chatterson was contracted to produce the printed forms and the Binders required.

From this time the company known as 'Cope Chat' developed as a Forms printing company and as an add on made special Binders and Folders to house them.

In the late 1950's as computers were introduced into the banks, Cope Chat developed into the new technology producing continuous stationery to feed them.

By the 1960's the company was one of the major suppliers of business forms such as Statements to Banks. Also making all the Statement holders and Cheque book covers for Banks such as Midland Bank, Barclays Bank, National Westminster, Williams and Glynns, Martins Bank, Arbuthnot Latham, Clydesdale BANK, Yorkshire Bank and many more.

Sadly many of these names have been swallowed up and disappeared now.

In the early 1970's Cope Chat was the first printer to produce all the forms for the Joint Credit Card Company (ACCESS) that included all the Statements etc and the Credit Card Vouchers which they also made for Barclaycard later.

Alongside these major developments in print were the Binders and Folders used at a time when all systems were Paper based.

All types of Binders made in board, PVC and specially covered lockable Binders were made to support the printing side.

In 1968, there was a growing need for 'printout' Binders for the huge amount of computer stationery that all had to be filed.

A new material called Polypropylene had been developed and proved to be perfect for many filing applications as it was very durable and light weight.

At that time it was only available in black but developed as a very successful material for many different binding applications.

Cope Chat was arguably the first company in the country to use Polypropylene sheet for Binding applications.

The company developed further but in 1993 it was sold and the division making Binders, Folders and Cases was floated of as an independent company called Designease Ltd.

Instead of being a small department in a large company, we were able to develop our own products and customer base, enabling our creative abilities to be a very successful support for design agencies, printing companies, Human Resources, Marketing, Public Relations, Health and Safety Departments etc.

In 2007 we added the ability to manufacture in Paper over Board and PVC, so we can now make superb Binders, Boxes and Cases using a huge variety of finishes.

The family connection is still strong starting with Stanley Brown as the first UK Director of Copeland Chatterson going right through to Simon and now Julian Brown.

Designease is looking forward to more interesting and rewarding developments in the future.