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Document Wallets

If you are looking for document wallets, slip cases, metal cases, foolscap box files or A4 document wallets, make Designease your first choice. Designease are the company of choice for many businesses looking for the perfect solution to their office filing requirements.

Here at Designease, we offer our wide experience and professional approach to a wide number of different sectors. We work with organisers, the hotel and leisure industries, HR and training departments, public authorities, advertising and design agencies, the IT industry and various charities and associations.

Designease are the first choice for folders of all varieties, from simple plastic folders to sophisticated metal box files. If you are looking for help from a company that has many years of experience in document wallet manufacture, look no further than Designease.

Here at Designease, we understand the importance of brand recognition and as such, we are able to make sure that the product that we deliver to you provides you with the best possible way to deliver your company’s message to your clients.

The humble box files, document wallets, folders has become an essential part of everyday life in the office and is used for a whole host of different purposes. The standard size of the box file is the same as that of a file. Document wallets designs comes in many different varieties, with some boxes and cases having features such as swivel wheels which allow the box file to be manoeuvred when it is fully loaded. Box files are sometimes also lockable and enable the user to keep valuable documents safe and secure.

If you are looking for the perfect solution to paper storage in your office, make Designease your first choice with our great boxe files, document wallets and folder range.

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