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Screen printing

A printing process whereby ink is forced through a fine mesh stretched across a frame. It is ideal for printing onto Polypropylene, Plastics, Correx, PVC or Aluminium where the design requires solid colours. Varnishes can also be applied by this method.

Colour flooding is achieved by screen printing, allowing you to create a colour finish across the product. Sometimes used on translucent materials to give the products appearance of the correct corporate colour.

Fine tints and tones are not possible with this process. Screen values of up to 65dpi can be achieved. We need to see your design to check and confirm we can print it successfully. Fine detail and photographic imagery is better produced by litho printing or digital printing.


Screen Printed

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Litho printing

Perfect for printing colourful graphics, images and photography. It produces an excellent graphic result onto a wide variety of materials.


Litho Printed

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Foil blocking

Method of applying metallic or pigmented foil to polypropylene using heat and pressure. A special die has to be produced which can be used time and again. A one-off charge is made for the die.

Mostly used for solid images in small areas. Larger blocking areas are possible, but please show us the graphics first so we can advise. Much depends on where on the product the image is to be positioned and how large the solid areas are. Standard foil colours are Gold and Silver.


Foil Blocked

To view a product that has been silver foil blocked please follow the link below...

Blind blocking

As foil blocking but without the foil, it creates a stamping impression into the material! Often used when a subtle branding is required.


Blind Block

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Digital Printing

Digital Printing has the same capabilities as Litho Printing but at a lower quality. Digital Printing is good for low volume runs that require complex graphics printed.


Digital Print


Spot UV Varnishing

Spot UV Varnish is a process whereby we would apply a clear gloss, matt or satin `laquer`onto specific areas of (usually) pre litho-printed sheets. Either directly onto the paper or, more effectively, after the sheet has been matt laminated. 

Spot UV can also be used directly onto most uncoated stocks too, simply by first applying a matt UV and then a gloss UV over the top. This effect will highlight certain areas of any printed matter and greatly enhance the product.


Designease Spot UV Varnishing