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Polypropylene Packaging

Designease specialise in the manufacturing of Polypropylene Packaging, paper over board packaging and pvc packaging. We are the leading supplier of transparent polypropylene packaging products such as hanging packs, wraps, pillow packs, boxes, cartons, multi-packs, boxes & lids, cake box style packaging and product packaging.

Pillow Packs

Designease design, print and manufacture all polypropylene packaging products in house. We have been lucky enough to have worked with all industries so have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the polypropylene packaging manufacturing processes.

Our Polypropylene Packaging has been manufactured for products such as clothing and textiles, house wares, gifts, cosmetics and toiletries, drinks and drinks accessories, electrical products, confectionery markets, primarily for the retail markets.

Our Paper over Board Packaging has been designed, printed and manufactured for products such as electrical items, brochure packs, book presentation boxes, home moving packs, wine set boxes, board games, premium products such as bentley cars option selection packs.

Designease have a state of the art design studio ready to create your packaging around your product, we can then link the design to our sample making machinery so you have a physical mock up to show your colleagues and board of directors for approval.

Designease are the leading supplier of transparent polypropylene printed product packaging due to our creative thinking, excellent customer service, quality of product and competitive pricing. We strive to get you the polypropylene packaging your product deserves on time and well within budget.

Polypropylene is a versatile material that can be used for a wide range of packaging applications. It is semi-rigid, translucent and durable and lends itself to functional but attractive packaging. It has good chemical and fatigue resistance, integral hinge property and good heat resistance.

Polypropylene Boxescharacteristics

* Durable plastic packaging

* Available clear or frosted in many colours

* Can be litho and screen-printed

* Heat resistant

* Puncture resistant Die cut and creased then interlocked with a variety of handles and closures.


* Press Packs

* Conference Packs

* Presentation Packs

* General binders/wallets

* Tab dividers

* Hospitality Kits

* Gifts

Rigid Board

Rigid board packaging offers the best solution for the production of presentation and gift packaging. For smaller volumes Designease can offer boxes in a range of standard styles and sizes which can then be over wrapped in printed sheets to match your personal design.
Rigid box board wrapped with litho printed sheet with finishes such as lamination, embossing, foil blocking, spot varnish or covered with fabric, PVC etc.

characteristicsBox Packaging

Constructed of 2000 micron grey board which is made into panels and covered with litho printed sheets and lined, the main characteristics are:

  • Durable
  • Professional look
  • High quality product


  • Luxury packaging
  • High end product packaging
  • Product launches
  • Promotional boxes
  • Presentation boxes
  • Gift boxes

options for inner die cut fitments:

  • Rigid board
  • Folding Box Board
  • Ring Binder mechanisms
  • High density foam

suggested additional items:

  • Add a branded USB Memory key loaded with your company data
  • A customized full colour thermal re-transfer printed CD or DVD
  • A branded lanyard
  • A branded keyring with trolley token

available quantities

We can provide rigid board boxes on quantities as few as 50 and up to any quantity required.


Our professional design studio can take your artwork and fit it around the template for the desired box size and style. If you have your own design department we are happy to provide a template for you to add your artwork. If you do not have a design department we can provide you with full access to our creative services department who will be more than happy to take your brief and to create several proofs for you.

The use of Polypropylene (Polyprop or PP) as a packaging medium has been developing in the more recent years.

The traditional method of manufacture using Polypropylene has been injection moulding, but now there are a variety of finishes available in sheets for conventional cartons and envelope style packs. These finishes provide an attractive exterior finish, but slightly obscure the clarity of appearance of the contents.

We are able to supply packs which are assembled using physical locking methods, either D locks or postal tabs, and these will be supplied cut and creased for you to assemble as required.

As the gluing of PP can only be done on high tech machinery suited to large batch quantities, we are not able to offer either 4 corner glued boxes or cylinders in PP.

At the moment all Polypropylene designs are bespoke, as the material cannot be run on tooling cutters designed for thinner PVC.

Polypropylene does not yet possess the clarity of PVC, nor the stiffness, consequently it requires a thicker film to be used.

For example where we would use a 240 micron film for a standard carton in PVC, we would have to use a 500 micron Polypropylene film to achieve the same characteristics.

Because of this thicker film use, it has, so far, been used more for larger packs where the feel of thickness gives a greater feeling and perception of strength and quality.

Polypropylene packaging material can be foil block, or print decorated in the same manner as PVC; it can also be recycled just as easily.

When it comes to polypropylene packaging, polypropylene has a number of advantages over all other materials.

Polypropylene protects against moisture and humidity, it’s clean and most importantly fibre free. Along with these benefits our material lends itself to be screen printed to a very high standard enhancing on the total package and give strong brand identity.

Let us prepare your corporate promotion. We also make wallets, ring binders, folders, slip-cases, files, carry-cases and portfolios, if you need it we can make it. Using the latest CAD/CAG facilities, our designers will tailor a match for your requirements.

A vast range of colours and finishes are available to be screen or litho printed with your graphics. Fitted with clips, straps, press studs or handles, we can make the package to suit every occasion!

We will also be pleased to collate and fill with your materials and send the complete product to the destinations of your choice.

Give us a call to discuss your project on 01453 821990.